Engineering Pathways for Cross-Industry Thought Leadership and Innovation in Space

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For more than 15 years, the NSBE Aerospace SIG has been working tirelessly to promote and broaden involvement in aerospace technology and policy. Our goal is to empower members to become Thought Leaders in advancing the industry by providing access to strategic networks, developmental opportunities, and awareness of the latest technological trends in the aerospace industry.

Investments in technology and scientific advancements are surging in the aerospace industry, particularly in the space sector. This growth has led to Vice President Harris committing to inspire, prepare, and employ a future space workforce through the National Space Council in 2022, with NSBE’s programming serving at the forefront. Future workforces will support the growth of space tourism and applications impacting defense, healthcare, and navigation applications. Morgan Stanley forecasts the space market will surge to over $1 trillion by 2040. As NSBE leaders, we must ensure that our members are a part of this growth and that we keep a pulse on new technologies across all industries. Equitable opportunities will accelerate NSBE’s technical growth and put our membership at the forefront of innovation. For this reason, we have forged strategic industry partnerships and networks to grant NSBE access to the emerging space market. As an industry access accelerator, NSBE has engaged with the Inter Astra Retreat, which invites professionals to participate in a think tank to create new space businesses. The retreat intentionally seeks out participants who have traditionally been overlooked or budget-constrained to build equitable pathways for technical and business development opportunities.

In 2022, the Society’s Aerospace Special Interest Group was invited to join this convening and while participating, generated opportunities to forge partnerships leading to access to Zero-G space flight research with our strategic space partner, Aurelia Institute, specifically for NSBE members across the collegiate and professional demographics. In 2023, the retreat extended its invitation to include a member of NSBE Jr, the Aerospace SIG, and the NSBE CEO. As participating thought leaders, NSBE had a
focused perspective on expanding our work across Africa, our NSBE Jr population, and business opportunities for our members. In 2024, we will continue our engagement and focus on expanding NSBE’s access to the emerging market.

It is crystal clear that emerging industries identified by Inter Astra require all engineering functions. NSBE
remains focused on driving industry inclusion from a technical leadership, engineering design, and policy
standpoint through our member programming and research opportunities.

If you are interested in becoming part of the emerging industry, consider joining the NSBE Aerospace SIG’s Technical Research Division: