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MATHCOUNTS builds math skills, promotes logical thinking and sharpens students’ analytical abilities.


The MATHCOUNTS Competition is a fun and challenging math program designed for middle school students to increase their academic and professional opportunities.

The competition builds math skills, promotes logical thinking and sharpens students’ analytical abilities. MATHCOUNTS motivates and rewards students by fostering teamwork and a competitive spirit. It involves students and teachers in year-long coaching sessions and helps students at all levels improve their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.


  • Apply to participate at NSBE’s Annual Convention here.
  • Consist of exactly four (4) ACTIVE NSBE Jr members in grades 6th – 8th.
  • Attend the 50th Annual Convention in Atlanta, GA. 
  • Chapter advisor and team coaches must provide a satisfactory NSBE background check with Info Cubic.

Critical Dates

  • MATHCOUNTS Team Registration and Resources

    Register your team(s) using our JotForm here.

    Submission deadline is Friday, January 19, 2024..

    Confirmation of team participation will be sent by Monday, Feb 5, 2024.

    Download the MATHCOUNTS school handbook here for access to practice problems

  • MATHCOUNTS Competition at Annual Convention

    Held at NSBE’s 50th Annual Convention from March 20 – March 24, 2024 in Atlanta, GA. You can register for Convention and receive updates/news here: convention.nsbe.org.

Black Excellence Engineered

We envision a world in which engineering is a mainstream word in homes and communities of color, and all Black students can envision themselves as engineers. In this world, Blacks exceed parity in entering engineering fields, earning degrees, and succeeding professionally.
The NSBE membership year spans August 1 – July 31.

The membership fee is $5 annually. There may be additional chapter and regional dues you have to pay to be considered a fully active member.
If you choose not to be affiliated with a chapter in your local area, you will be considered a member “At-Large," classified by your geographical region. Members At-Large receive the same national benefits as those who belong to a chapter.

If you have any questions, please contact NSBE's Membership and Registration team at membership@nsbe.org.