Rise Initiative

Following recent tragic instances of injustice in the U.S., NSBE initiated a groundbreaking program aimed at empowering our members and potential recruits with comprehensive knowledge about social justice.


R.I.S.E. is an acronym that stands for “Research and Development, Innovative Thinking, Social Emergence, and Excel before the pressure.”  


Research and development will go toward making a difference in security and law enforcement technology being used in the field, to decrease fatalities and bring to justice perpetrators of unlawful acts of violence.


Innovative thinking involves brainstorming on certain social injustice topics, and discussions that will lead to the R&D process.


Social emergence will give us the knowledge, wisdom, and experience needed to potentially make a difference in our communities through education, civil acts platforms, and practical applications.


And last, “excel before the pressure” is the statement we will lean on to know that we will be prepared to take head-on, with excellence, any, and every situation that we face.

This initiative features engaging forums with law enforcement officials, legal experts, and judicial figures, offering participants a unique chance to harness their technical skills for societal progress. Additionally, it provides valuable tools for effective platform organization. As part of NSBE's Technical OutReach and Community Help (TORCH) program, we aim to empower marginalized individuals with a comprehensive understanding of their constitutional rights, facilitate meaningful discussions, impart practical knowledge applicable to various situations, and inspire proactive change.

For more information, contact nebtorch@nsbe.org

Black Excellence Engineered

We envision a world in which engineering is a mainstream word in homes and communities of color, and all Black students can envision themselves as engineers. In this world, Blacks exceed parity in entering engineering fields, earning degrees, and succeeding professionally.
The NSBE membership year spans August 1 – July 31.
The membership fee is nonrefundable. By submitting your membership application, you acknowledge that the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) World Headquarters office is not liable for the collection or refund of any chapter-related fees. These additional fees may include chapter dues and/or tuition.

If you have any questions, please contact NSBE's Membership and Registration team at membership@nsbe.org.