Process Improvement SIG

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Welcome to the NSBE Process Improvement SIG.

On behalf of the board of the NSBE Process Improvement Special Interest Group  (PI SIG), I welcome you to our organization. I look forward to interacting  with you throughout this year

The mission of the NSBE Process Improvement SIG is to establish and build NSBE’s corporate presence as a player within the process improvement (PI) consulting industry, grow our network in the PI community and serve as a PI consulting arm for NSBE.

The PI SIG is focused on developing our members to become subject matter experts under the umbrella of process improvement. Our focuses include, but are not limited to; change management, continuous improvement, data analytics, process improvement/management, project management and quality management systems.

Participation in the NSBE Process Improvement SIG is open to NSBE Professionals members, lifetime members and honorary members. Other NSBE members with an interest in process improvement who do not meet these membership requirements may participate by attending any meeting, workshop or event sponsored by this Special Interest Group.

Prospective members must sign up as project volunteers or agree to serve on at least one project team, committee or task force.  

Thank you for your interest in process improvement. We invite you to the PI SIG Linkedln group for further interaction with this SIG.

Diamond Williams | 2019–2021 Director
NSBE Process Improvement Special Interest Group (PI SIG)

Process Improvement Special Interest Group Director

Diamond Williams is a data engineer for ENGIE North America and operates ZaDor Consulting, LLC. Williams has been a member of NSBE since 2009 and has served the Society in a variety of leadership capacities, such as Missouri Zone assistant vice chair; Region V vice chair; Annual Convention Planning Committee Pre-College Initiative (PCI) co-chair (2014–2015); and Speakers and Workshops coordinator (2016–2017). 

Her goals for the Process Improvement SIG are:

To build a presence as process improvement subject matter experts within various industries

To ensure that Process Improvement SIG members are knowledgeable about the latest industry tools

To partner with organizations to expand the presence of the NSBE Process Improvement SIG