Information Technology Think Tank (ITTT) SIG

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Information Technology Think Tank (ITTT) is a dedicated NSBE Special Interest Group (SIG) aimed at the pursuit and promotion of creative answers to critical questions in the IT world. The main purpose of the ITTT SIG is to serve as the voice of the Black community in the area of IT and foster relationships between Corporate America and ITTT professionals and entrepreneurs. The ITTT SIG has made some significant achievements, but there is still more we can do to achieve our goals.

Exposure: Technical Skills Gap Focus: Get Certified!

This month we are focused on increasing your skills through certifications. There are many IT certifications available, but in April we are going to focus on the top three. Cloud, Networking, and Security certifications are the foundation of IT and can provide a solid pathway to a long and prosperous IT career. Here are some of the top certifications that we recommend:
Cloud: AWS Cloud PractitionerAzure Fundamentals
Networking: CCNACCIE
Security Certifications: PCNSA

Of course there are many more IT based certifications out there to obtain.  Check back to see more.


In most professions, mentorship is essential to success.  In the field of IT mentorship can take you from an expert end-user, to a legitimate admin.  If you have a story about your journey, we would like to hear it!  What was your path from college to professional?  How many all-nighters did you have to do to become an expert in your field?  What’s your story?   If you would like to share your journey to excellence please fill out this survey.  We would like to share it!


Join us for our upcoming NSBE #47 Power Hour (April 9th, 2021 2pm – 4pm) Drop by to engage in a vibrant discussion on IT in the present and in the future. 

Career Advancement

Closing the technology gap with certifications, getting a mentor, and increasing your network are all great ways to advance your career.  But what are some other ways that you can take yourself to the next level?  Increasing your visibility by taking on mission critical projects, interviewing often to stay aware of IT needs and visiting the NSBE Career Center to check newly posted opportunities.   From time to time we will post other ways to advance your career, so stay tuned!