NSBE Stands with MSU and Region IV NSBE Members

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NSBE Family,

It is with great sorrow that we reach out to you, once again, to offer words of support in the wake of a national trauma. The setting this time is Michigan State University, where three students lost their lives and five others were critically wounded earlier this week in another tragic incident of gun violence. Once again, we gather to mourn a fatal event made even more heartbreaking because of its impact on the young people who represent America’s future.

We ask that you pray for the members of our Michigan State University Chapter as NSBE stands with them, and with all of our members in and near East Lansing, Michigan, as they find themselves struggling with the painful effects of violence up close.

We ask that you pray for the families, friends and colleagues of the injured and the deceased: Alexandria Verner, a junior from Clawson, Michigan; Brian Fraser, a sophomore from Grosse Pointe, Michigan; and Arielle Anderson, an African American junior from Harper Woods, Michigan who aspired to be a physician.

And we ask that you stand with NSBE’s leadership as we prayerfully exhort the policymakers in Michigan and across the United States to keep their hearts and minds open to new solutions to the rising tide of gun violence that has long devastated communities across the country.

NSBE family: the grievous losses at Michigan State University are yet another reminder that our work in STEM does not exist in a social vacuum. The challenges of society at large are our challenges as well, and right now, we all feel them keenly.

The healing process will be long, but know that “NSBE Luv” will continue for longer.

Yours in the mission,

Favour Nerrise

2021–23 National Executive Board Chair

National Society of Black Engineers

Janeen Uzzell

Chief Executive Officer

National Society of Black Engineers

Alia Cummings

Region IV Chair

National Society of Black Engineers