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The mission of the Transportation SIG is to share and address the latest policy and technical information, as well as covering new ideas in transportation policy, planning, environmental, design, construction, maintenance, operation, and management of transportation resources.

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As the 44th President of the United States (Barack Hussein Obama) indicated throughout his terms in office, a safe, efficient, and well-functioning transportation system is critical to America’s economic future. Our nation’s economy relies on our transportation system to move people and goods safely, facilitate commerce, attract and retain businesses, and support jobs

Our goals are to:

  • Increase the number of nation’s Black Transportation Engineers
  • Improve America’s roads, bridges, transit systems, railways, and aviation systems
  • Support sustainable infrastructure projects critical for long-term growth
  • Enhance public safety
  • Spur job creation
  • Innovate to improve the way federal dollars are spent

The Transportation SIG was formed so that Professionals and Collegiate Engineers would meet within their respective specialty areas to share experiences and address ideas and stories of innovation in the Transportation industries. This community on MyNSBE provides that platform, so we hope you utilize it to start discussions and exchange expertise. We look forward to working with you to achieve our collective goals.

About the Transportation SIG Director

“Engineering without boundaries —the only constant is the continual pursuit of the next big thing.” Barbara “BB” Dunlap has had the opportunity to operate in many professional positions that represents a broad spectrum. Currently directing program activities for the Coop and Internship Program at American Electric Power (AEP) for the Transmission Division, she is responsible for building a pipeline of talent focused on the newest generation of engineers while simultaneously leading efforts centered around Diversity and Inclusion. Through on-campus engagements with organizations like IEEE, NSBE, SWE, SHPE, and SASE, BB is tasked with strengthening strategic relationships, developing retention strategies, and expanding engagement programs at the high school and collegiate level for workforce development and career readiness.

Why the Transportation and Infrastructure Special Interest Group? For eleven years, BB served as the single point of contact for all electric public relocation projects throughout the AEP footprint. As part of the Transmission Line business unit, her work focused on the engineering analysis, construction, planning, and structural and foundation design of energy delivery and transportation. Additionally, she was responsible for all the coordination and management of special projects for Ohio, Indiana, and the West Virginia Department of Transportation.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering and a MBA with a focus on Leadership. As an industry professional, she has served on several executive boards in many capacities with organizations such as NSBE and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials (COMTO).

For more information about the Transportation and Infrastructure Special Interest Group (SIG) please contact: Barbara “BB” Dunlap |