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Elevate Your Engineering Career with a NSBE Professionals Membership

Why join?

Attaining a STEM degree opens the door to membership in NSBE Professionals, where STEM practitioners seek to “inspire the next generation of technical professionals and serve as a catalyst for transforming the culture of engineering.” NSBE Professionals offers unmatched networking opportunities and career development training for its members, as well as countless opportunities to “reach back and give back” to future engineers and technologists and to underserved communities.


Connect with fellow engineers, industry professionals, and thought leaders who share your passion for engineering and diversity. NSBE Professional provides numerous networking opportunities, including conferences, workshops, and social events, where you can forge valuable connections and expand your professional network.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Stay ahead in your field with access to cutting-edge resources, workshops, and training sessions designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. From technical seminars to leadership development programs, NSBE Professional equips you with the tools you need to excel in your career and achieve your goals.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Take your career to the next level with NSBE's career services, job fairs, and career development resources. Whether you're seeking new opportunities, exploring career paths, or looking for mentorship, NSBE Professional provides the support and guidance you need to navigate your career with confidence and success.

Community Impact

Community Impact

Make a difference in your community and inspire the next generation of engineers through NSBE's outreach programs, mentorship initiatives, and community service projects. NSBE Professional empowers you to give back, share your expertise, and be a positive force for change in the engineering community.

And there's more

Member Benefits

Being a NSBE member grants you several other privileges.

    Access to NSBE conferences, workshops, and networking events

    Community outreach initiatives and volunteer opportunities

    Mentorship opportunities with industry leaders and fellow professionals

    Career services, job fairs, and career development resources

    Leadership development programs and opportunities for involvement

    Professional development resources and training sessions

The NSBE membership year spans August 1 – July 31.

The membership fee is $5 annually. There may be additional chapter and regional dues you have to pay to be considered a fully active member.
If you choose not to be affiliated with a chapter in your local area, you will be considered a member “At-Large," classified by your geographical region. Members At-Large receive the same national benefits as those who belong to a chapter.

If you have any questions, please contact NSBE's Membership and Registration team at