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For nearly 50 years, NSBE has been a beacon of hope and opportunity for Black Engineers. Your support is crucial in empowering us to expand STEM initiatives, honor academic brilliance with scholarships, offer valuable mentorship to Black professionals, and positively transform lives and communities.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of STEM and engineering in enhancing the quality of life across all regions where NSBE chapters are active, we collaborate with a diverse range of grant providers. This includes private donors, corporate entities, family foundations, and governmental agencies.

External funding enables us to go above and beyond our annual operational budget, allowing us to support and invest in our future engineers year after year. This support helps us deliver exceptional programs and initiatives that make a lasting impact on our communities.

Together, we can inspire and nurture the next generation of trailblazing innovators and leaders.

How your donations help

A significant percentage of our partners’ support and funding efforts assist in educating, advocating, and keeping engineers gainfully employed, especially when starting from underserved backgrounds.

Supplier Diversity

With NSBE’s platform, you can put the tools of education, equity, and network at the frontline of your systems to help you improve your businesses and processes and enable you to increase your presence in our diverse collective.

Enhance ESG Goals

While you address the longer-term elements of your ESG strategy, supporting diverse engineers can be a quick and visible way to make an impact to demonstrate your achievements with NSBE.

Fosters STEM programs and academic scholarships, and provides mentorship opportunities

Empowering the Black Community

Empowering men and women with the knowledge, tools, and ongoing mentorship and leadership support to grow in their professional fields, encouraging economic stability, upward mobility, and breaking intergenerational cycles, while meeting diversity and social justice objectives.  

Diversity/ Equity Mission

Connecting and leveraging resources to address diversity and equity goals in a way that is impactful, efficient, and scalable.

Employee Engagement / Volunteerism

Through our network and learning community, we enable our future engineers and employees to engage in-person and virtually, and at scale.

Community and Giving Strategy Alignment

Galvanizing the individuals you care about with workforce and entrepreneurial skills to exceed educational and professional expectations.

Ways to Give

Donor Advised Funds

A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) simplifies charitable giving by allowing donors to allocate funds to their preferred nonprofit easily. This method offers a tax-efficient way to manage donations. Through a DAF, donors make a tax-deductible contribution to a sponsoring public charity and can then suggest grants to IRS-qualified nonprofits over time. It’s a thoughtful way to involve family or colleagues in philanthropic decisions.

With DAF Direct, a free web application, you can easily initiate grant recommendations from your DAF directly on the National Society of Black Engineers website. In just a few clicks, you can support NSBE’s mission to cultivate culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, thrive professionally, and make a positive impact on the community.

Volunteer Grants

What are volunteer grant programs?

Volunteer grant programs are corporate giving initiatives in which companies make monetary donations to organizations where employees volunteer regularly. If you volunteer with NSBE, it’s an easy way to provide us with additional financial support! Learn more about volunteer grants HERE.

What counts as volunteer work with NSBE?

When you donate your time to NSBE, you are essentially volunteering for us.  At NSBE, volunteer work looks like the following: 

  • Event Volunteering: Volunteering your time and service to our Summer Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK) 
  • Volunteering your service to NSBE conferences: Annual Convention, Professional Development Conference, Fall Regional Conferences, National Leadership Conference 
  • Skill-based Volunteering: Providing pro-bono professional accounting, legal work, or PR assistance. 
  • Volunteer Committees: Participating on an NSBE board. 
  • Administrative Volunteering: Giving time and service for various administrative projects pro-bono to NSBE World Headquarters staff.

Black Excellence Engineered

We envision a world in which engineering is a mainstream word in homes and communities of color, and all Black students can envision themselves as engineers. In this world, Blacks exceed parity in entering engineering fields, earning degrees, and succeeding professionally.