NSBE stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Ukraine

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Dear NSBE Family,
Like freedom-loving people everywhere, the leadership of the National Society of Black Engineers has been deeply saddened by the recent events in Ukraine. As we hold out hope for peace and a just resolution in the region, we ask that you remember those in the conflict who are carrying out NSBE’s mission and keep them in your hearts and prayers. Tens of thousands of African students, many of them pursuing engineering degrees, are now in the war zone, and many have reported experiencing racial discrimination as they seek haven in Ukraine or neighboring countries.

NSBE stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Ukraine and with their loved ones in the Continent of Africa and beyond, as they navigate this traumatic time. We are offering our full support in voicing and addressing the needs of our international members and chapters affected by the egregious violence against Ukraine.

In times of war, it is incumbent on all of us to fight the real enemies, which are ignorance and hatred. NSBE, let us continue to move forward in our mission and help the world realize its common humanity, standing in solidarity with all people everywhere who are seeking justice and peace. We urge you to stay educated and informed, be involved with your local community outreach centers, and offer support and relief to those around you. United we stand. 

Yours in the mission,

Favour Nerrise

NSBE 2021-22 National Executive Board Chair National Society of Black Engineers