Welcome to Region 1!


My name is Sydney Wimberley and I am honored to serve as Regional Chairperson, and on behalf of the Region 1 Executive board I would like to welcome you to the Fiyah Region, Region FIRST, our Region 1. 

Region 1 has a rich history from our innovation and our contributions to the rest of the society, including hosting the first Regional Fall Conference, Regional Leadership Conference, Fall Zone Conferences. Region 1 is also the birthplace of Academic Excellence and the Retention program and our Pre- College Initiative. To continue this legacy of innovation is something that we have always strived towards. While speaking to members from throughout the Region you can always tell that people are excited and willing to innovate the next steps for this region. 

Based off of the National theme of FOCUS(Family, Opportunity, Community, Unity, and Servant Leadership) the Region is FOCUSing on our past to help sustain our future. Some of the key areas that we are focusing on through our own regional directives are educating our members about all things NSBE, Leadership Training and Retention, and enhancing our fiyah family through communication. 

The Region 1 Executive Boards purpose is to our chapters, domestic and international, to achieve all that they can. Our love for this Region led us to taking these leadership position, so please reach out to any of us for questions, concerns, areas to improve on, or even just to say hello. We really want the best for our chapters and to help us achieve something that is bigger than us all. Once again I am grateful to be able to serve this region and excited where we as a region will go. 

With Fiyah, 

Sydney Wimberley 

Region 1 Chairperson 2019-2020