What does it mean to "verify my GPA" through NSBE?
Verifying your GPA is a process where you and your advisor send in your GPA from your school/institution to NSBE. It appears in your NSBEConnect account on www.nsbe.org

Why is GPA Verification important?
Verifying your GPA through NSBEConnect allows you to:

  1. Apply for Regional Scholarships (with GPA requirements)

  2. Get APex price when registering for conferences

  3. Access career fairs at conferences earlier than general members

  4. Stand out amongst applicants for employers hiring through NSBE

What is APex?
APex is a membership status that allows you to enter the job fair of NSBE conventions earlier than non-APEX verified members, amongst other wonderful perks!

How do I apply?

NSBE has updated and improved their GPA verification process! Members will self-report their GPA's on their profile and chapter advisors will approve it through the Educational Institution Portal in NSBEConnect. Reference our GPA Verification Step By Step Guide and guide your advisor(s) to fill out Advisor Verification Form before verifying chapter member GPAs.Please have your chapter advisor or school official such as a faculty member or registrar (if your chapter does not have an advisor) complete this form to register for access to the Portal.

If you are a NSBE jr member, please have your chapter advisor or guidance counselor complete the for attached here and e-mail it to scholarships@nsbe.org.

Any questions?
Contact Tyler Lamar, Region IV's Academic Excellence Chair, at r4aex@nsbe.org with any questions/concerns