2018 Region IV FRC Certification Exam Study Guide

Hello NSBE Leaders!

This year at FRC, we will be issuing a certification exam, similar to the one given at RLC (for those who could attend). This certification exam will help us identify areas of improvement, both in the transfer of information from the Regional Executive Board, as well in the knowledge of the Chapter Executive Boards. The exam will be a mix of Multiple Choice, True/False, Short Answer, and Checklist Questions.

It is our expectation that all chapter board members will pass. A passing score is 70%, and there will be partial credit awarded. The exam encompasses the topics listed below. All this information will be sent out via email, and will be made available on the Region IV Website!

Jay Sharma
Region IV Parliamentarian


Please reference the documents page here

NSBE History

  • NSBE In General

  • NSBE Acronyms

Code of Conduct

  • Entire Code of Conduct

Parliamentarian Procedure

  • First two columns (Language)

NSBE Logo Guidelines

  • Pages 2-3, 8-12

National and Regional Directives

  • What are the National Directives?

  • What are the Regional Directives?

  • (Look at presentations given from RLC, on the Region IV Website)

Region IV By-Laws

  • Whole document, heavy emphasis on Article III - Article V, Article XI

National By-Laws

  • Article VI

  • Article XVI

National Constitution

  • Article IV