NSBE Debaters 

Competition that pits teams against each other in a battle of wits. Using parliamentary debating style, teams of three will research and create arguments about a topic of social relevance.

Elevator Pitch

This competition focuses on the business idea without the details of implementation. The Elevator pitch should convey your vision of the potential of your idea. It should answer the basic questions: What’s the problem? How does your idea solve the problem? What’s needed to make your idea become reality?
Individuals have the opportunity to meet and network with other NSBE entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and business experts who will serve as judges for the competition.


Academic Technical Bowl

A Jeopardy style quizbowl preparing students for questions similar to that of the  FE exam. Each chapter can submit a team of 4 - 5 members to answer as many questions as possible. Questions are multiple choice, ranging from general engineering to history of famous scientists.

Access toolkit HERE


Technical Research Exhibition

If you have completed an undergraduate or graduate level research project, independent study, or senior design, present your findings at the Technical Research Exhibition! This competition is for students interested in pursuing research and includes both a  poster and oral section of competition. Participate and interact with other students interested in research!

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