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Membership - Region 3

Hello Everyone,

      The way chapter of the year is designed is to help chapters follow some basic goals so they can build a stronger foundation for the board after them. This is also a great way to identify points that a chapter is struggling with.

To begin with chapters will be separated into categories dependent on the size of the chapter.

  • Small - 25 members or less

  • Medium - 25 -75 members

  • Large - 75+ members

Below are the different categories that you can earn points in to help your chapter win chapter of the year and then compete at National Convention for chapter of the year throughout the entire organization.

·        Being an active chapter – registered in NSBE connect
·        Study Hours (number of study sessions held)
·        Monthly Reports Submitted - 7 Total
·        % membership increased in chapter (self calculated) – send in google forms
·        % APEX Members
·        % members with verified GPA’s
·        Held events for leadership development
·        Held program for professional development
·        Chapter resumes submitted to website
·        Community service hours/ Participation in T.O.R.C.H.
·        Attendance of required conference calls for Chapter Executive Officers
·        % of members slated to Attend National Convention
·        All Leadership on Contact Sheet
·        Bonus: Board members attended RLC
·        % of members who attended FRC
·        Affiliated with a NSBE Jr. Chapter (100 pts)
·        Interacted with another chapter
·        Held an International Student event
·        Bonus: Hurricane Relief Drive Donations


For more detailed information on the point allocation, please click this link for the full document:

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Being a new system any and all feedback is welcomed to help improve the selecting chapter of the year. If you have questions or feedback please direct them to r3membership@nsbe.org