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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about elections

What are the requirements to be on the Regional Board?
As per our Regional By-Laws:
  • Members of the Region shall seek election to a regional position by completing and submitting a Regional Elections Packet by a date specified in that packet.
  • No candidate shall run for more than one position on the Regional Executive Board in a given election.
  • Each candidate shall submit a Letter of Good Standing/Enrollment Verification from the Registrar or appropriate university official which states that he/she is registered as a full-time student, in good standing with the university, and the degree program for which the student is enrolled.
  • Each candidate shall submit an Official Transcript from the Registrar which states the current overall GPA, which shall not be below a 2.50 on a 4.00 scale.
  • If the candidate expects to graduate before September 15, he/she is not eligible to run for office unless he/she will be enrolled in graduate school full-time for the elected term of office. If the candidate expects to graduate before September 15, but has a letter of acceptance for enrollment in a graduate school full-time by January 1, he/she shall be eligible to run.
  • Candidates must be members in good standing.
  • Candidates who are currently co-op students must meet all of the above requirements.
  • The declaration of intent and the official letter from the Registrar or appropriate university official must be received by the Regional Parliamentarian by the second day of the National Convention.
  • The Regional Parliamentarian shall approve a declaration of intent upon verification that all requirements for placement on the ballot have been met. These requirements include, but need not be limited to, all requirements as specified in the National By-Laws and these By-Laws.
Where are the applications located?
Will we be accepting candidates running of the floor?
What is running off the floor?
How involved is the application process?
Which position is best for me?
Do I need to be a Chapter leader to be on the Regional Board?
How time consuming is the Regional Board?
When are the applications due?
Will they be accepted if they are late?
What is included in the elections process (when and where are elections, platform speech, Q&A)?
Who is voting done by? How is voting conducted?
Do I have to attend all the Conferences?