Academic Excellence


National Objectives:

To increase the number of NSBE undergraduate members graduating in the fields of engineering and science; to increase the number of NSBE members seeking and completing graduate degrees in the fields of engineering and science; to increase the number of NSBE members taking advantage of research opportunities.


Regional Objectives:

  1. Increase Collaborative Participation between Membership
    1. Encourage mentorship between NSBE Professionals and members
    2. Collaborate with PCI Chairs to target NSBE Jr. Programs
  2. Further Improve the Impact of Retention Program
    1. Increase number of Region II chapters participating in the Program
    2. Ensure active participation throughout the year

The NSBE Retention Program

The NSBE Retention Program is one of NSBE's signature programs that aims to increase the retention rate of engineering students. This umbrella program has three main points of focus: Skill Development Workshops, Mentorship, and Study Halls. For more information and toolkits to help implement the retention program, see the following link: NSBE Retention Program Overview


The deadline for new chapters to sign up is TBA! Chapters may register here:


NSBE Retention Program Sign Up


Note: new chapters are those that have not participated in the Program previously or participated years ago and have been inactive.


If you are a returning chapter and missed the deadline to sign up, still register and participate for this year so your members can benefit from the Program!


GPA Verification


Are you an undergraduate or graduate student? Do you want to provide vital Academic Excellence information to help NSBE measure our impact? Do you want to potentially become an APEx member and receive benefits, including discounts for this November’s Fall Regional Conference in TBA? If so, then verify your GPA!


Verify using the NSBE GPA Collection Form or by submitting your official transcript. The GPA Policy Flowchart below can help you determine the best method to verify your GPA. Find out more information from your chapter Academic Excellence Chair, or from Elida Dimwamwa at



If you have any questions, please contact the Region II Programs Chair,Elida Dimwamwa, at

To learn more about Academic Excellence, please visit the NSBE Academic Excellence Website or contact your Region II Programs Chair, Elida Dimwamwa at

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