John Bailey Jr
Current Position:
Vice Chair

Current School/Home Chapter:
Carnegie Mellon University
 Chicago, IL | Harlem, NY



John Bailey Jr. is a 5th year senior at Carnegie Mellon University pursuing a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. Born in Chicago, IL  and raised in Harlem, NY, John became involved with NSBE as a Senator during his freshman and sophomore year to learn more about the organization and its political structure, and to gain more leadership experience. From there, John came to be CMU NSBE's first Historian in his junior year, and then Secretary his senior year. He now serves as a co-coach for the robotics team of CMU's NSBE Jr. Chapter, The FAME Academy. John's vision for this year as Vice Chair is to empower the members of Region 2 through various means of leadership development, and help them realize their potential so they can progress their chapters to the next level. During his down time, John enjoys playing Samba, practicing Muay Thai, video games, and playing a table-slapping game of dominoes. John is proud to be able to serve the Most Supreme Region in all of NSBE!