Obum Egolum
                 Current Position:

Current School/Home Chapter:
George Mason University 

Anambra, Nigeria | PG County, Maryland


Obum Egolum is a senior, majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in Information Security at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia. Obum hails from the land of the green, white, green: Anambra, Nigeria! Obum was raised in PG County, Maryland and now lives in Bowie, Maryland. Obum has been a very active student leader in the Black community at GMU, but looks forward to taking a step back and empowering new leaders to step up to the plate. Obum started his NSBE leadership as his chapter’s Senator and Membership Chairperson and served as the Regional Parliamentarian last year. When Obum has a second to spare, he enjoys going on runs, hitting the gym, catching up on his favorite TV shows, or chefing it up in the kitchen. During his term, Obum will be focused on developing strategies to ensure that the membership truly excels academically as they matriculate and advance through university. Obum is #2HYPE and blessed to serve his Region as their 2018-2019 Chairperson!