Morgan Harris 
                 Current Position:
Publications/Public Relations Chair

Current School/Home Chapter:
North Carolina A&T State University

Texas | Aurora, IL


Morgan Harris is a junior, Mechanical Engineering student at North Carolina A&T State University. She was born in Texas but raised with her three younger siblings in Aurora, IL. Outside of NSBE, she volunteers at a local elementary school, serves on the Engineers’ Week Committee at school and mentors students who are transitioning into college. Morgan has been involved in NSBE since her freshman year to network and cultivate her leadership skills. Last year she served as chapter Treasurer and is excited to develop her skills as PR/Publications Chair on the 2018-2019 Regional Board. One of her goals is to make NSBE known to the outside community by developing members to be ambassadors for the region and organization as a whole. By creating a heavy social media presence, she hopes to increase the amount of engagement with the members and educate them about the history, current plans and future of NSBE. In her free time, Morgan loves to play basketball, spades and cook. She is 2HYPE to serve on the board of the Model Region!