Greetings Region II!

Greetings Region II NSBE Family,


I, along with the rest of my board members, am extremely excited to serve as our 2017-2018 Region II Executive Board. This year we will be the leading example for reaching NSBE 2025 through our implementation of National and Regional Directives.


Our region is currently at an interesting transition. We have members of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. I’ve noticed from the chapter and regional levels membership losing interest in our organization. This is evidenced by a decrease in conference attendance, lack of members running for leadership positions, and less initiative to get involved in general. I want to make steps to  correct this apathy we’ve seen. Our first Regional Directive, Community Engagement, will focus on improving our relationships with the heart of the region, the members. First, I want to ensure that our Region truly embodies the Pipeline so that each membership demographic , NSBE Jr., Collegiate, and Professionals, is utilizing the others for success. Our Society provides abundant resources, but we also are a great resource to one another. Second, we will identify better methods to engage our members, increase membership , and actively maintain that retention long term. Lastly, I would like to focus on our outreach efforts to potential members . Establishing more genuine relationships with those in our community to not only to increase the number and make a meaningful impact, but to also garner support and additional resources for our Region and members.  With these steps I believe we can create a better experience for members and for those looking to get more involved with the Society.


The region will be working to put the needs of our membership first. Our second Regional Directive, Membership Success, will facilitate these efforts by focusing on Technical Skills and Academic Excellence. We plan to prepare you for life after college through our workshop variety at our Regional Conferences and Zone Summits, competitions that highlight technical skill sets , and increase network opportunities with our Professional Chapters and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Academic Excellence is not only reflected in our mission statement, but it’s also one critical factors with the national goal of graduating 10K engineers annually by 2025. This year we plan to maximize our resources so that you can excel in the classroom and graduate with a STEM Degree. With this, we’ll need your help with GPA verifications and submissions so that we’re able to track and report our findings for your benefit. I encourage you all to strive for at least a 3.0 GPA so that you can be successful now, post graduation, and help the organization get closer to reaching our 2025 goal.


That completes my vision for the year. Here we have TWO directives that’ll keep the region 2222 HYPE for the year. Join me on this journey to excellence with the Model Region! Hard work pays off and I’m truly excited to lead this experience.


Keep it 2222 Hype,

Nikki Nola Gordon

National Society of Black Engineers