Good Day Region II and NSBE Family,

Welcome to the official site of the Model Region, Region II, of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), my name is Obum Egolum and I have the distinct pleasure of serving as your 2018-2020 Region II Chairperson! This year our National Chairperson, Jocelyn Jackson, is set to move the Society forward with her vision for us to F.O.C.U.S. Madam Chair wants us to FOCUS on Family, Opportunity, Commitment, Unity, and Servant Leadership. In order to execute the National Vision in the Model Region, I want us to focus on two Regional Directives, “Lead With Purpose” and “Operational Efficiency”.

Leadership is heavily emphasized in NSBE and I want to it a step further and position Region II in a place to fully embrace the mantle of leadership. I want to do this with the first Regional Directive, “Lead With Purpose” , by focusing on strengthening the leadership pipeline in Region II. In a perfect world, the leadership pipeline for members would start out as a collegiate leader, to a Regional leader, then a National leader, and after graduation, a Professional leader where one would mentor the next generation of leaders. I, along with the rest of the Regional Executive Board (REB), am committed to making this “perfect world” a reality and in order to do so, we will be engaged in a year long leadership development of both collegiate and Regional leaders in Region II. By focusing on leadership development, members of the Model Region will acquire the necessary skills to execute the duties of their positions to the best of their ability and be ready to successfully transition to the next phase in the leadership pipeline.

For my second and final directive, ”Operational Efficiency”, the REB will be focusing on improving the way we operate as a Region so that we can provide the best resources and opportunities for membership at all times. The NSBE membership experience is what drives members to come back to the organization year after year and I want to ensure that they are getting the most out of their membership. Over the course of the term, the REB will be doing an analysis of our programming, marketing and communications, finances, and the operations of the Regional Senate to determine what is going well, what needs to be improved upon, and what needs to be cut to strengthen the membership experience. This analysis is going to take the assistance of everyone in the Region as we engage in robust conversations about how we can make your experience better from top to bottom in Region II. As you interact with REB this term, I want you to ask yourself, “How might this interaction lead to a better experience for me?” After you have asked yourself that, have that conversation with the REB so we can ensure that your needs are at the center of the work we do to strengthen our operational efficiency. 

That concludes my vision for the year and I, along with the Region II Executive Board, am Two HYPE to work towards accomplishing the Regional Directives. We are laying the foundation for many successes this year and I am excited to be doing so with the HYPEST membership in the Society. I am truly honored to have been re-elected to lead this charge and continue to lead the Region as we work towards the Society’s goal of graduating 10,000 black engineers annually by 2025!

In true Region II fashion, Stay Two HYPE, 

Obum Egolum 

Your 2018-2020 NSBE Region II Chairperson.