Retention Program

The NSBE Retention Program is our signature academic excellence program designed to keep members enrolled in an engineering program, and help them graduate with an engineering degree. The goal of the NSBE Retention Program is to improve the graduation rates of Blacks in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

The NSBE Retention program has 3 main areas of focus that are designed to help students succeed. Each component of the program benefits all students, regardless of classification, and aims to truly develop each person that participates in the program. The three areas of the retention program are Skill Development Workshops, Study Halls, and Mentorship.

Skill Development Workshops: This area of the retention program focuses on enhancing the academic and professional development skills of members participating in the program.

Study Halls: This area of the retention program focuses on encouraging students to work together with each other, tutors, and different faculty to help improve the students understanding of course material.

Mentorship: This area of the retention program focuses on pairing students with either upperclassmen or professionals for them to serve as a resources for the student.

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